Daniel is a composer for film/visual media based in London, U.K. His work is well regarded on both a national, and international level.

 Being a classically trained pianist for 18 years, and an ex choral and music scholar, he has a deep knowledge and intuition of how music works and communicates.


He has received numerous music scholarships, a 3x Distinction Music Diploma, a BA (Honours) Degree in Music Production from Leeds College of Music, and was chosen as one of the '10 graduates to watch' in 2017.

Daniel was also awarded high praise at the Sensoria Pro Film Festival by the Head of Music at SONY. He is now actively scoring multiple independent films and continuously working on new projects, as well as attending the Royal College of Music to study a Master's Degree in Composition for the Screen.


If you would like to contact Daniel about scoring your film or project,

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